Cù Bòcan’s Limited Creation Series Sees Two New Expressions

| January 28, 2022

Unique casks are the hallmark for the limited, Highland single malt Creation Series from Cù Bòcan, distilled at Scotland’s Tomatin Distillery near Inverness.

The limited series looks to push what’s described as the boundary of whisky through experimentation … nothing new to Cù Bòcan as it was among the first to use Japanese Shochu casks for maturation of their single malt. That was Creation #2.

For Creation #3, Cù Bòcan used Moroccan Cabernet Sauvignon casks for finishing, which impart what’s described as notes of rose water, strawberry and black fig. It’s then further finished in North American Rye casks, which offer spice, citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Cù Bòcan Creation 3

Cù Bòcan Creation 3 (image via Cù Bòcan)

Cù Bòcan Creation #4 brings together the finishing casks of Port and Cognac, which lends itself to what’s described as tastes of plum jam, grilled peach, stewed forest fruit, cinnamon and sweet campfire smoke.

Cù Bòcan Signature is the ongoing expression from the distiller, matured in bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and North American virgin oak casks.

Graham Nicolson, Cù Bòcan sales director, said in a prepared statement, “We are delighted to finally be able to release these two new Creations to our customers. We’re excited for all that 2022 has in store for Cù Bòcan and looking forward to opening up the world of lightly peated whisky, while continuing to explore unusual and intriguing finishes.”

Bottled at 46% ABV, the Creation series is limited to 4,200 bottles worldwide of each. They have a suggested retail price of £60 for Creations #3 and #4, and £45 for the Signature.

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