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Virginia Distillery Company Showcases New Inspirational Whiskey Series

The Virginia Distillery Company has been working diligently in recent years towards the eventual release of their own American single malt whiskey. In the meanwhile they’ve been relying a lot on sourcing, particularly making use of Scotch whisky blended with some of their own in-house spirit for their flagship expression. Now, in celebration of things which have inspired the distillery’s development, they’ve unveiled the Journey Cask Collection.

The Virginia Distillery Company Journey Cask Collection, according to those behind it, is “a new whisky series focusing on mentors from around the world, where the person, distillery, or region were inspirational” to their development. It is designed to showcase “exclusive” single malt whiskies from around the world, with the “traditional name of each region where the whisky originated from” being used to identify the release.

First out of the gate is Hibernia, an 11 year old Irish single malt whiskey sourced from the Great Northern Distillery in County Louth, Ireland. The inspiration here is the distillery is owned by John Teeling of Teeling Irish Whiskey fame. Teeling was a mentor for Virginia Distillery company founder Dr. George G. Moore. Great North is also near where Moore grew up before he came to the United States.

“This release comes with a lot of significant meaning,” said Gareth H. Moore, Virginia Distillery Company’s CEO, in a prepared statement. “To journey is to travel from one place to another, and with Hibernia, it feels full circle that we’ve been able to share part of my father’s journey and the important mentors in his life.”

Plans call for Hibernia to price around $125 per 750ml bottle. Limited official tasting notes suggest this whiskey, on the nose, showcases “aromas of soft caramel and milk chocolate mingled with toasted walnuts and vanilla. The palate evolves with notes of fresh nectarine and apricot merging into candied orange peel, shortbread, butterscotch and a hint of ginger.”


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