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The Walking Dead Makes The Sexton Single Malt Its Official Show Whiskey

The Sexton Irish single malt is now the official whiskey of AMC Networks’ long-running series, “The Walking Dead.”

With a multi-channel partnership through late 2022, The Sexton Single Malt and AMC Networks will partner for all three installments of the final season, offering fans a series of custom retail offerings, cocktail experiences and behind-the-scenes content … inspired by the whiskey’s mantra, “celebrate life.”

The Sexton Single Malt will debut a cinematic campaign spot to air during each of the eight episodes within The Walking Dead’s first of three season installments. It portrays the what’s described as the brevity of human existence with a message for viewers to treat themselves to the things that bring them joy.

The Sexton Single Malt named as The Official Whiskey of The Walking Dead (image via Proximo)

It’s an amusing juxtaposition to the dark, dismal realities of life depicted in “The Walking Dead,” so the makers of The Sexton Single Malt look to remind fans to relish the joys of living … one of those joys being a sherry cask-aged single malt crafted from Irish malted barley.

The Sexton Single Malt and AMC Networks also launched a national retail program during which, after purchasing a bottle of The Sexton Single Malt, fans can unlock exclusive series content from “The Walking Dead,” featuring the likes of cast members Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“The Walking Dead” enthusiasts can also expect an array of co-branded social and digital content, along with a variety of merchandise discount codes.

In addition, the brand is teaming with cocktail delivery service Cocktail Courier to launch “The Walking Dead Cocktail Kit.”

Designed with at-home watch parties in mind, the kit will feature the recipe and ingredients for eight serves of the Live for Today, a cocktail that marries the bitter bite of an aperitif liqueur, the boldness of grapefruit and blood orange, and the complexity of The Sexton Single Malt.

Also included is a variety of custom, co-branded “The Walking Dead” merchandise and the opportunity for recipients to access exclusive series content. Fans can purchase the kit for $64.99 at until supplies run out.

“The Sexton Single Malt and The Walking Dead share a fanbase that values a life well-lived. Our motto, ‘You have a single life. Drink a single malt’ encapsulates that spirit,” said Lander Otegui, senior vice president of marketing at Proximo Spirits, in a prepared statement.

Finally, beginning early next year, “The Walking Dead” whiskey lovers can also look forward to the rollout of a limited edition, co-branded bottle, recipes and consumer contests, which will be announced on “The Walking Dead” social pages.

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