‘South Boston Godfather’ Debuts As New Whiskey Spirit From GrandTen Distilling

GrandTen Distilling, a South Boston distillery with a decade-long history of creating what it says are distinctive spirits, launched an all-new concoction in time for St. Patrick’s Day … the South Boston Godfather.

This new spirit is a blend of the distillery’s homemade South Boston Irish Whiskey and Amandine Almond Liqueur, and it clocks in at 35% ABV.

The distiller’s notes show that GrandTen’s South Boston Godfather has a taste of caramelized bananas and pecans on the first sip. The spirit is smooth through the middle, revealing a creamy caramel and brown sugar body and finishes with a slight malty spice.

GrandTen’s South Boston Godfather
GrandTen’s South Boston Godfather (image via GrandTen)

Rooted in the history of Ireland, the South Boston Godfather aged for three years in the Republic of Ireland with ingredients from both Ireland and the U.S.

The South Boston Godfather, it was noted, is available in 750mL bottles at the South Boston distillery, at GrandTen Distilling’s bar, and in retail establishments throughout Massachusetts. It has a suggested retail price of $30.

GrandTen spirits and customary cocktails can also be purchased online and picked up at the South Boston distillery.

For more information on the new spirit or GrandTen Distilling, check out www.grandten.com.

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