Irish Craft Whisky Outfit Glendalough Debuts 13 Year Old Single Malt

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / October 27, 2014

glendalough13The Glendalough Irish Whiskey Company, dubbing itself as Ireland’s first craft distillery, has debuted a 13 year old single malt offering which follows on the heels of a recent 7 year old release. It is described as being a limited edition bottling, and will price for around $95.

The Glendalough 13 year old release heralds from an outfit established in 2011 by five Irish drinking buddies aiming to to “recapture Ireland’s lost heritage of great spirit production and create new, exciting and contemporary brands.” As for where such a young distillery is getting such an older spirit, it was reported the 7 year old came from Cooley whisky, so it is likely the same for its older sibling.

“Irish single malt is often called the Champagne of whiskeys,” said Barry Gallagher, MD of Glendalough in a statement. “This is something special, it heralds the second coming of single malt in Ireland. It is a style of whiskey that gave Irish whiskey its name in the first place. Our great grandfathers drank this great drink and we believe its time has come again.”

Tasting notes for this release are below per information from Glendalough.

Nose: deep butterscotch, honeycomb and rich lemon meringue balanced with citrus fruits and just a hint of a clove spice.

Taste: Jumps to the front with an intense vanilla fudge luxurious sweetness and almost rock candy mixed with touches of fruit – lemon citrus, peach and dried apricot. This is followed by deep spices; red peppercorn and light cloves. A truly velvety mouth feel that just hovers on the palate.

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Finish: The spice is left lingering with under-layers of robust malt characteristics and deep oak notes. And again vanilla fudge reoccurs with a finish that lasts an eternity.