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Craft Irish Whiskey Co. Releases 88 Bottles To Go Along With 88 Bespoke Rings

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. just unveiled a rare and opulent whiskey complete with a futuristic design, called The Aodh.

A statement from the distiller noted that the whiskey is available to pre-order now, and this rarity is the fruit of a partnership with artisan jewelry designer MJ Jones. Together, they’ve created an exclusive release of only 88 bottles of Irish single malt whiskey, accompanied by 88 rings.

The Craft Irish Whiskey expression is presented in a spiral with gold detailing, inset gemstones and frost cuts on the neck and base, as each custom-made bottle features semi-precious obsidian from the foothills of the Armenian mountains. It conceals a hidden compartment, which can be opened without disturbing the seal of the whiskey.

Craft Irish Whiskey Aodh
The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. just unveiled a rare and opulent whiskey complete with a futuristic design, called The Aodh. (image via Craft Irish Whiskey Co.)

MJ Jones created 88 unique rings to accompany the 88 bottles of whiskey. Each bespoke ring is placed inside the compartment of The Aodh.

The statement from Craft Irish Whiskey explains the name is inspired by Irish mythology and derived from Old Irish for ‘fire,’ as Aodh is the legendary god of the underworld and eldest son of Lír.

The 18-carat gold ring is crowned with the logo of The Craft Irish Whiskey Co., securing the hermetically-sealed capsule of The Aodh’s whiskey. With a dual band crafted in silver and finished in the signature MJ Jones black armor, each ring is one-of-a-kind and has a unique number from one to 88 engraved, corresponding to the numbered bottles of The Aodh.

The ring is completed by a halo of amethyst stones and a single natural diamond within the logo.

The Aodh whiskey itself is drawn from two small, custom-built Sherry Oloroso barrels, which produced a single malt of deep and dark flavor.

The tasting notes show that the two years spent in small finishing barrels built aromas of honeycomb and salted caramel ice cream, with hints of maple syrup, leather and chocolate.

Matthew J. Jones, founder of MJ Jones, said that this was a “fusion of two different industries in a single release and brand that are passionate about craftsmanship … but also push the boundaries, which has led to creating a bespoke ring that encapsulates some of the most exclusive whiskey in the world.”

Jay Bradley, founder of Craft Irish Whiskey, said “In less than two years since The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. introduced its first whiskey, as a business we have succeeded in taking Irish whiskey into a new top-shelf, ultra-luxury category. Through this partnership with MJ Jones, we have created a truly unique offering for whiskey lovers and collectors, with no expense spared.”

The Aodh’s group of bottle owners will also gain access to The Craft Circle, where members take part in events and access to tastings of ultra-rare, yet-to-be-released spirits with Bradley and The Craft Irish Whiskey Co.

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