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Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky Debuts Another Dog Decanter

Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky, as we discussed in our review of the Black variant recently, is not exactly a poster child for Canadian whisky greatness. That being said, it can still serve some purposes besides being a mixer, such as being the whisky ingredient inside special decanters targeting non-profit fundraising support. We first saw this last year via a partnership the brand sparked with Ducks Unlimited around a dog-shaped container, and now the two are back again with yet another man’s best friend-related bottling.

The second edition Ducks Unlimited decanter, according to those behind it, includes a yellow Labrador Retriever fetching a canvasback, the largest diving duck found in North America, in the water. Each customer whisky container is hand painted and hand filled with the Lord Calvert liquor. Pricing is set at around $100, and a portion of the proceeds will be used to preserve waterfowl and wetland habitats across North America.

The decanters and whisky are being distributed by Luxco, a non-distilling producer of a range of whiskey brands that’s based out of St. Louis.

“Last year’s decanter was a success and sought after and we are pleased to continue our partnership with Ducks Unlimited and their mission to conserve and restore America’s wetlands,” said Fletcher Buchman, brand manager at Luxco, in a prepared statement.

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