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Forty Creek Unveils Foxheart, A Rum-Infused Canadian Whisky

A new whisky from Canadian whisky brand Forty Creek brings a little infused rum to the party.

Forty Creek’s Master Blender Bill Ashburn infuses their Canadian whisky with a hint of 12-year-old Caribbean rum, delivering what’s described as a balancing taste of oak, spice and fruit. They call it Foxheart.

This blend is the latest innovation from Forty Creek, which was named Whisky Maker of the Decade by the Canadian Whisky Awards in 2020.

Forty Creek Foxheart
Forty Creek Foxheart (image via Forty Creek)

Ashburn said Foxheart is the product of his greatest passions … a love for blending whisky and breeding champion hunting dogs. The whisky is described by the brand as a tribute to Ashburn’s decades of leadership at Forty Creek and takes its name from the home of his first championship dog, a wire hair terrier, a breed known for its curiosity, determination, and tenacity.

He said the terrier’s driven attitude inspired him to combine Forty Creek’s Canadian whisky with the influence of aged Caribbean rum, producing what’s seen as greater depth of character and a more rounded, balanced taste from start to finish.

“I’ve dedicated my life to mastering two passions … blending best in class whisky and breeding best in class dogs. For that reason, Foxheart holds a special place in my heart,” said Ashburn, 2020 Canada Master Whiskey Blender of the Year, in a prepared statement. “When blending Foxheart, I wanted to utilize the unique, premium liquid that’s already well-loved by Canadians and infuse it with a hint of aged Caribbean rum, leaning into its spice and flavor to further enhance the whisky.”

Foxheart retails for $44.95 and is currently available in Ontario. It will soon hit shelves in British Columbia, with distribution rolling out across Canada in the coming months.

For those unfamiliar with this brand, it is named after the river running through the center of Grimsby, Ontario, exactly 40 miles from Niagara Falls, Forty Creek Whisky was founded in 1992, in a region known for its unique geography and climate.

Forty Creek employs both column and pot-distilled methods, aged in a variety of barrels. Forty Creek employs the art of blending different whiskies made from different grains, producing a complex variant with a well-rounded taste experience.

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