Forty Creek Out Of Canada Debuts A Botanical Whisky

The Forty Creek whisky brand out of Canada is a rather popular Canadian whisky brand, known for its “award-winning range of complex yet approachable whiskies.” Its master blender, Bill Ashburn, seems to be one who likes to push the boundaries of what whisky can be in the Canadian sense, debuting what’s described as the world’s first botanical Canadian whisky.

The new Forty Creek The Forager Botanical Whisky, according to those behind it, is said to pay homage to the Forty Creek distillery’s history of producing eau de vie – a delicate spirit of distilled fruits. To that end this whisky is “crafted from a light, fresh Canadian whisky that is aged initially for three years. Prior to additional aging, select botanicals are steeped in the liquid, creating a botanical-infused sprit that displays subtle yet distinct and fresh notes. This light yet complex whisky is perfect for those seeking a full-flavoured gin substitute.

The Forager Botanical Whisky

The Forager Botanical Whisky (image via Forty Creek)

“Each of the botanicals used in the making of The Forager is wild-sourced; meaning it is hand-picked by professional foragers who practice sustainable harvesting methods that are respectful of both the plants and their surrounding ecosystems. The botanicals are sourced from across Eastern Canada and include juniper berries, labrador tea, spruce tips, mugwort, and sweet fern.”

“This definitely isn’t your typical Canadian whisky,” said Ashburn in a prepared statement. “In fact, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever created. As a whisky-maker, that’s always exciting, knowing you have the chance to explore new territory and push the boundaries of what a Canadian whisky can be.”

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The Forager Botanical Whisky, bottled at 40% ABV, is pricing around $35 CAD, or around $25 USD. It will initially be available in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba, followed by other Canadian provinces later this year.

Official tasting notes for this Canadian whisky indicate that it has a “light amber colour and a complex medley of flavours, including herbal tea and a long, peppery finish. The whisky’s aroma is predominantly that of fresh cut pine, with a hint of candied citrus. 

“To fully appreciate the complex flavours of this whisky, it is best enjoyed simply over ice with tonic and a lemon slice.”


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