Bottler Hunt & Gather Unveils A Rare 15 Year Old Canadian Whisky

By Gary Carter / June 26, 2021

Rare barrels and lost batches are the trade of choice for new independent whiskey bottler brand Hunt & Gather Spirits. And their current mission? “Lot 2,” a 15-year high corn whisky made by one what’s described as one of western Canada’s pioneering distilleries.

You may have seen the first offering from Hunt & Gather “Lot 1” popping up late last year, a 15-year Kentucky bourbon. And now comes this second release, a 15-year Canadian whisky.

The idea behind Hunt & Gather is to seek out rare and lost whiskeys. It’s a project of Latitude Beverage, a wine and spirits company based in Boston. Hunt & Gather officials say the Lot 2 offering is a “very unique Canadian whisky, in that it is predominantly a corn whisky, as opposed to rye or blended, which is the norm in Canada.”

Hunt & Gather Lot 2

Hunt & Gather Lot 2 (image via Latitude Beverage)

Every release from Hunt & Gather will be unique and only available for a short window of time. Lot 1 sold out in a week. Lot 2 is coming soon, and you can find more official details on it from the brand below.

Hunt & Gather “Lot 2 Canadian Whisky”

  • 121 proof
  • Non-chill filtered
  • Tasting notes: An invitingly sweet and decadent aroma with notes of creme brûlée, baking spice and vanilla. A sip reveals rich layers of balanced sweet and spice, caramel, toasted marshmallow and cream. Coating, textured, and impressively mellow for its high proof point.

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