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Watershed Distillery Collaborates With Marianne Eaves On Special Lottery Bourbon

Watershed Distillery in Ohio recently collaborated with Marianne Eaves, renowned tastemaker in the beverage industry, to release a new cask strength bourbon, which will only be available in an online lottery.

Watershed is one of eight craft distilleries to be included in Eaves Blind, a collectible bourbon series curated by Marianne Eaves. She has been recognized as among the first female master distillers in Kentucky.

For this collaboration, she said it was created with the intent of stripping away bourbon stereotypes, as the series looks to showcase some of the most awarded craft bourbon distilleries in regions beyond Kentucky.

Watershed Eaves Cask Strength Bourbon
Watershed Eaves Cask Strength Bourbon (image via Watershed Distillery)

“My ‘aha moment’ was realizing that there are so many other regions and distilleries outside of Kentucky that are making exceptional bourbons, too,” Eaves said in a prepared statement. “This Ohio collaboration gave me the chance finally to work with some energetic and trailblazing industry friends. Watershed should be on everyone’s shortlist of amazing bourbons and believe me when I say they are only going to get better from here.”

Watershed Eaves Cask Strength Bourbon was created to highlight what’s described as the key aspects of the bourbon-making process, specifically grain and mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation.

All the single-source bourbons in the series were first sampled throughout 2021 in blind seasonal tasting kits intended to remove preconceived bourbon stereotypes: color and indications of age, quality, etc.

“Here at Watershed, there has been quite a bit of excitement around this project,” said Greg Lehman, CEO of Watershed Distillery. “Not only was it an honor to work side by side with Marianne, but to be selected to be in the company of these other emerging distilleries was a real point of pride for us.”

Watershed Eaves Cask Strength Bourbon is bottled at 130.3 proof and the distiller’s notes show that it has warm cinnamon and brown sugar tastes, along with citrus peel and toasted oak on a sweet creamy palate.

The price is $150 per 750 ml bottle. The bottle lottery opened on Feb. 16 and closes on March 9. Everyone has to be 21 years or older to enter. The winners will be notified and allotted the opportunity to purchase one bottle in person from Watershed’s bottle shop in Columbus, Ohio.

Eaves’ collectible series features blends from seven other award-winning distilleries across the U.S.: Oregon Spirit Distillers (Bend, OR), Distillery 291 (Colorado Springs, TX), St. Augustine Distillery (St. Augustine, FL), Stumpy’s Spirits Distillery (Columbia, IL), Treaty Oak Distillery (Dripping Springs, TX), Journeyman Distillery (Three Oaks, MI) and King’s County Distillery (Brooklyn, NY).

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