Valentine Distilling Unveils New 7-Year-Old Blended Bourbon

By Katelyn Best / May 20, 2019

Michigan’s Valentine Distilling will unveil a new barrel-strength expression later this month. Valentine Distilling Mayor Pingree Black Label Bourbon is a blend of eight barrels from MGP ranging in age from 18 months to more than 13 years old (specifically 45 percent 12-year 6-month, 24 percent 13-year 7-month and 31 percent 7-year 2-month bourbon), though the law mandated it be labeled as a seven-year-old bourbon. It’s bottled at 118 proof, and production is limited to 1,012 bottles.

“We included the 7-year with this blend on purpose, because it made it better. We could have made a few more dollars leaving the 7-year out from a marketing and labeling perspective, but that’s not what we do,” said Rifino Valentine, founder and president of Valentine Distilling Co, in a prepared statement. “We create quality products.”

This is the fourth installment in the Black Label series; previous expressions were nine, 10, and 11 years old.

Mayor Pingree Black Label Bourbon

Mayor Pingree Black Label Bourbon (image via Valentine Distilling)

“The Black Label was created to provide whiskey fans with access to an experience that they can’t find easily in the marketplace,” added Valentine. “Valentine is a craft, micro-distillery, and we stay true to that philosophy by creating quality products that are ultra-rare. This is our opportunity to create an experience not regularly found on liquor shelves. It’s a passion project for our decorated distiller; he creates the bourbon that you can’t find as a consumer.

The whiskey will debut at a release party at the distillery in Ferndale, Michigan, later this month, where bottles will be available for $89.99. The event is free, but tickets must be reserved online ahead of time. After the release party, around 900 bottles will be distributed to store shelves in select markets.

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