Town Branch Distillery Gets Into The Bourbon Finishing Game

Town Branch Distillery out of Kentucky is an American whiskey making operation known primarily for their bourbon and rye expressions. Relatively smaller in volume compared to some of their kin in the heart of bourbon country, they nonetheless look out for ways to distinguish themselves from the pack. A recent example of this is the announcement of their first barrel finished expression.

Town Branch Bourbon: Sherry Cask Finished, according to those behind it, is a nine year old Kentucky straight bourbon distillery first laid down in American oak back in the early days of Town Branch. A limited edition release, it was finished for an undisclosed amount of time in ex-Spanish Oloroso sherry casks before being bottled at 100 proof. It is being released in the same time frame as the induction of its late founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons, into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame.

Town Branch Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon

Town Branch Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon (image via Town Branch Distillery)

“At his core, my father was an innovator,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, Pearse’s son and president and CEO of Alltech, in a prepared statement. “It is fitting that today we celebrate his contributions to the bourbon industry while launching an innovative spirit with Town Branch Bourbon: Sherry Cask Finished.”

“Finishing Town Branch Bourbon in the sherry casks for nine months imparted a dry finish that complements the natural caramel and vanilla notes in the whiskey, as well as a rich burgundy color,” added Mark Coffman, master distiller at Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.  “We selected nine barrels of the best bourbon in our warehouse for this expression.”

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Plans call for this sherry cask finished bourbon to go on sale this month at select retailers and the distillery’s visitor center in Lexington, Kentucky. Limited official tasting notes suggest “an exceptionally smooth finish with a depth of flavor, including notes of roasted pecans with dried plums and raisins.”