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Rebel Yell Has a Cool New Look and Two New Bourbons

By Katelyn Best / May 10, 2019

With temperatures rising and the sun showing its face more and more, this time of year is perfect for a wardrobe update, and it seems Rebel Yell has caught a case of spring fever. The Kentucky bourbon brand has unveiled a hip new look that “reinforces the brand’s rebellious spirit and elevates the brand’s look, bridging the gap between its proud heritage and modern tastes,” according to recent news from Luxco, the brand’s owner.

The new packaging incorporates elements we’ve grown accustomed to seeing with craft brands: an embossed, round-shouldered bottle with a capsule closure and natural cork, along with new front and back labels. “By adding the new capsule closure with hints of silver and updating the label with bolder lettering, the new Rebel Yell look aligns with the brand attitude,” said Eric Winter, whiskey brand manager at Luxco, in a prepared statement.

Rebel Yell 2019

The new Rebel Yell look (image via Luxco)

The new packaging started rolling out in April, and will be featured on all Rebel Yell expressions going forward.

Speaking of their expressions, that lineup includes an all-new whiskey, Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon 100 proof. It’s the same recipe as the distillery’s standard 80-proof expression, just bottled at a higher ABV. According to the distillery’s tasting notes, it “features honey, vanilla and caramel notes followed by oaky tones and a deep, warm finish,” and has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

“Our traditional 80 proof Rebel Yell is an approachable bourbon, softer on the palate than the new 100 proof Rebel Yell, which brings a bit more bite in the finish,” said head distiller John Rempe. “We wanted to offer consumers a higher proof option in this brand family, and this bourbon holds up well with balance of smoothness and flavor, whether providing fuller flavor in a cocktail or as a sipper.”

One last piece of news from the Kentucky distillery—Rebel Yell 10 Year Single Barrel, which debuted back in 2016, will be available in a 2,600-bottle run this year. The company statement is fairly short on details about the expression, but we’ve reviewed previous editions, and this one looks to be similar: a higher-end, older, single-barrel version of Rebel Yell bourbon, part of an ongoing effort (along with the several redesigns the brand has undergone in recent years) to revamp the brand’s hard-partying reputation.


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