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RD1 Spirits Adds Two New Wood-Finished Kentucky Bourbons

Kentucky’s RD1 Spirits recently announced the first expansion of its whiskey portfolio with two new wood-finished bourbons.

RD1 now has a Kentucky straight bourbon finished with Brazilian Amburana wood, and a bourbon finished in oak and maple barrels.

“RD1 is bent by curiosity to explore bourbon’s potential,” said Mike Tetterton, chief executive officer of RD1 Spirits, in a prepared statement.

RD1 Spirits Kentucky Bourbons
Kentucky’s RD1 Spirits recently announced the first expansion of its whiskey portfolio with two new wood-finished bourbons. (image via RD1 Spirits)

He explained that the RD1 brand pays tribute to Lexington’s first federally registered distillery, given the distinction of RD#1 in 1865.

“RD1’s new wood-finished expressions can be summarized as classic Kentucky straight bourbon meets ‘what’s next,’” he said. “The end result is a unique tasting experience that allows you to explore your palate and, what we like to call, the bourbon frontier.”

RD1’s bourbon portfolio was created by 8th-generation Master Distiller Jacob Call, and also aged and bottled in the state of Kentucky. Within its portfolio, the new wood-finished expressions all have the same base bourbon, which aged more than four years.

The new expressions aged several more months with wood staves or wood blocks placed inside the barrel.

RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Brazilian Amburana Wood distiller’s notes:

  • Amburana, known as Brazilian Oak, is often used in South America for making essential oils, crafting luxury furniture, and barrel aging Brazil’s most popular spirit, Cachaça.
  • 55% ABV.
  • RD1’s partner cooperage uses a patented technique to honeycomb drill small holes into the Amburana staves, allowing more wood surface interaction with the bourbon.
  • On the nose, baking spices – apple cinnamon, nutmeg and light brown sugar – are followed by pine, vanilla, peaches, and apricots.
  • The taste is of spice cake and gingersnaps with a rich mouthfeel.
  • It finishes long and warm, ending with allspice and sweet oak.

RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Double Finished In Oak and Maple Barrels distiller’s notes:

  • The French Oak staves (first finish) are steeped in a patented process of pressure, oxygen, time and temperature with maple syrup (second finish). The molecular transfusion into the base fibers of the wood is artistic and intense.
  • 49.95% ABV.
  • On the nose, a burst of maple and butterscotch followed by lightly toasted caramel, roasted pecans and paprika.
  • It tastes of maple and black peppercorn spice.
  • It finishes long, smooth and spicy with a light accent of toasted caramel at the end.

Tetterton described RD1 bourbon’s packaging as honoring Lexington’s first bourbon entrepreneurs and the brands they produced. The tree on the neck label gives a nod to Ashland Distillery, and “Kentucky Born & Raised” appears in etched glass, similar to the original etching of the Old Tarr bottle.

In fact, back in 2020, RD1 unveiled a limited whiskey release called Old Wm. Tarr to pay tribute to one of the pioneers of Lexington’s first registered distillery.

Tetterton said RD1 has a goal to be distributed in 10 states by year end, right now it’s available in Kentucky and Indiana.

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