Oregon’s Crux Fermentation Project, Pursuit Distilling Team On New Bourbon

| February 24, 2022

Oregon’s Crux Fermentation Project has ventured beyond beer, and their latest partnership with Pursuit Distilling sought inspiration from the best bourbons, ryes and single malts from around the world.

Together, they have crafted a new straight bourbon whiskey, the latest chapter in what’s described as the Crux pursuit of fermentation perfection. It’s the first whiskey offering from the project.

The straight bourbon starts with a handcrafted wash, customized by Master Brewer Larry Sidor to capture what he feels are all the very best flavors, textures, and aromas possible for a one-of-a-kind whiskey.

Crux Fermentation bourbon

The new bourbon done between Crux and Pursuit (image via Crux Fermentation Project)

Pursuit Distilling took the wash and distilled it before aging it more than two years in charred new American oak barrels.

“It has been a dream collaboration to work with Larry and the Crux Team in creating and developing a unique mash bill that truly will pave the way for the future of spirit innovation,” said Pursuit Distilling co-founders Sam Agnew and Tyler Teeple, in a prepared statement. “It’s collaborations like this that keeps things exciting and fresh for us at Pursuit.”

The distiller’s notes show the straight bourbon is layered with black cherry and vanilla aromas and features chocolate and orange spice on the palette. It clocks in at 100 proof.

“This collaboration has been nothing short of inspirational,” said Larry Sidor, Crux Fermentation Project master brewer. “Sam and Tyler have embraced the concept from the start to develop a whiskey that defies the norm with layers and layers of intrigue.”

Bottles of Straight Bourbon Whiskey Batch No. 1 will be available at Pursuit Distilling Co.’s tasting room in Enumclaw, Washington and a few select liquor stores in Bend, Oregon. Crux will be serving it neat and on the rocks at their tasting room in Bend starting Feb. 18th.

Crux Fermentation Project is a brewer-owned and operated community of craft beer enthusiasts that have been going at it for nearly 10 years. They invite others to join in their pursuit of fermented perfection.


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