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Old Louisville Whiskey Company Launches Batch #1, Opens New Tasting Room

New Kentucky brand Old Louisville Whiskey recently launched a new line of small batch whiskeys.

Founded by Amine and Beth Karaoud, the Old Louisville Whiskey Company has roots in the historic neighborhood of Louisville as they funded the new company with the sale of their Old Louisville rental properties.

The Karaouds opened a tasting room and warehouse where whiskey enthusiasts can visit by appointment to select single barrels from their whiskey collection.

Old Louisville bourbon
New Kentucky brand Old Louisville Whiskey recently launched a new line of small batch whiskeys. (image via Old Louisville Whiskey Co.)

In addition to the tasting room, Old Louisville Whiskey Batch #1 is stocked on shelves at the location and throughout Kentucky.

“We’ve always loved the architecture in the neighborhood, and Old Louisville is really where we learned the trade of whiskey and gained our bourbon knowledge,” said Amine Karaoud. “Much like the neighborhood, we wanted to release a whiskey that was aged properly. It took patience, but it has been well worth the wait.”

The Old Louisville portfolio will feature a variety of mashbills, each new release aged in warehouses until the Karouds say they’re ready.

The first batch, which retails at $149.99 per bottle, is a straight bourbon whiskey, aged 7-10 years and bottled at barrel proof – uncut, unfiltered.

Future releases will include American whiskey aged 16 years, and a rye whiskey. All releases will be limited to 2,000 bottles or less.

A statement from the Karaouds explained that their label reflects a map of Old Louisville from 1884, with a star that indicates one of the properties the Karaouds own.

In addition to owning property in the area, Amine worked in production at a local bourbon company where he supervised a bottling facility. The couple began sourcing bourbon and letting it age for the Old Louisville Whiskey line several years prior to this month’s launch.

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