Old Forester Set To Launch 21st Edition Of Its Birthday Bourbon

| July 8, 2021

Old Forester has announced the upcoming release of its coveted, 21st edition of “Birthday Bourbon.”

The 2021 release comes from 12-year-old barrels and clocks in at 104 proof. Old Forester distillers note that this batch consists of 119 barrels filled on April 16, 2009, all matured in Warehouse G.

“This year, we’ve composed a bold and compelling offering which showcases the unique fruit-forward side of Old Forester,” said Old Forester Master Taster Jackie Zykan in a prepared statement. “Playful berry undertones with summery dessert notes balance out to our flagship spice finish while taking sippers on a textural journey from velvety to dry mouthfeel.”

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2021

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2021 (image via Old Forester)

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is a vintage-dated bourbon, selected from one specific day of production and released each year on Sept. 2nd to celebrate the birthday of Old Forester founder George Garvin Brown.

Since Birthday Bourbon’s introduction in 2002, the juice has ranged in age from 9-14 years old, with proofs from 90 to 105.

This year marks Old Forester’s 151st anniversary, which Zykan said is historic, as it makes Old Forester what’s said to be the only bourbon brand with an uninterrupted history, sold by the same family company before, during and after Prohibition.

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon will be available starting Sept. 2nd at the retail shop at Old Forester Distilling Company in Louisville, Kentucky, and nationwide for $129.99 in limited 750ml bottles. Official tasting notes are below.

  • Color: Golden Citrine
  • Aroma: A symphony of berry and dessert components. Red raspberry preserves, juicy blackberries and dried strawberries set the tone, hints of dried herbs and balanced with vanilla creme brulee, subtle pecan, maple syrup, and cocoa.
  • Taste: Velvety mouthfeel carries notes of buttery caramel, burnt sugar, and a touch of fresh baked Linzer cookie. This silky palate awakens into a bright, peppery, peripheral spice.
  • Finish: Lengthy and warm with subtle dryness. Subdued notes of chocolate, raisin and cool herbs linger in the shadow of stark oak spice.
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