New Bourbon Liqueur From North Carolina Is Scottish Inspired

| March 19, 2014

1381675_170472073160432_2014479188_nIn the world of flavored whiskies, large players like Jack Daniel’s aren’t the only ones trying to appeal to those who don’t always like the burn whiskey can have when you drink it. Small operations, such as Barrister & Brewer out of North Carolina are also jumping on the trend, recently unveiling in their home state something known as Mystic Bourbon Liqueur.

Mystic Bourbon Liqueur is described as being a small batch spirit blending spiced liqueur and bourbon. It is said to descend from a “centuries-old Scottish recipe,” and indeed, according to this article, one of its creators who was on a visit to Scotland for a “gathering of clan descendants” got the idea from a brought back Scottish liqueur bottle that broke by accident.

Working with a local distiller, the founders created a flavored bourbon that, according to official tasting notes, has a classic bourbon nose that “gives way to notes of candied orange and wild flower honey laced with hints of mint and anise. The full-body features a delicate combination of black peppercorn and cinnamon on the mid-palate, complementing the soft essence of vanilla and citrus. The long finish culminates in a classic toffee-bourbon note with a faint ginger echo.”

Bottled at 30% ABV, Mystic Bourbon Liqueur can be picked up around parts of North Carolina for $25.

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