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New Bluestone Manor Bourbon A Tribute To Historic New England Estate

A new, handcrafted wheated bourbon is coming to market, as Bluestone Manor Bourbon is an expression meant to transport the whiskey enthusiast to the roaring ‘20s.

Bluestone Founder Dorinda Medley recently introduced the small-batch bourbon, named after her historic Massachusetts home, Bluestone Manor, as a whiskey that pays homage to the 1920s, where the Manor acted as a safe haven for self-expression and freedom.

Bluestone Manor was a speakeasy where, it is said, patrons would often partake in a glass of bourbon under the cloak of secrecy.

Bluestone Manor Bourbon
Bluestone Manor Bourbon (image via Bluestone Manor)

Today, the veil of prohibition is long gone and the new Bluestone Manor Bourbon features a mash bill of corn, winter wheat and malted barley that’s been aged for a minimum of five years in Independent Stave Co. Cooper’s Select 53-gallon oak barrels, each hand selected to craft what’s described as a balanced blend.

“Bluestone Manor was built in 1902 during the colorful Gilded Age. From the intricate dark wood details, vibrant walls, and thoughtful floor plan, Bluestone Manor feels spacious yet cozy, and reminiscent of days gone bye,” Medley explained in a prepared statement. “It was once a speakeasy and I imagine long nights filled with laughter, glamor and secrets. Bluestone Manor is a special place I call home. I wanted to bring this feeling to life in a bourbon. Anyone can enjoy a glass of my bourbon and find themselves being transported to the Manor.”

Bluestone Manor Bourbon is now available in 32 states on and will soon be available in stores nationwide.

Medley explained the distiller’s notes, saying that the bourbon has notes of creme brulee, honey and dried fruit as well as aromas of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla.

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