MGP, Distillery At Center Of American Whiskey Controversy, Unveils Its Own Bottling

| November 7, 2014

If you happen to find yourself at the inaugural Whiskey City Festival in Lawrenceburg, Indiana today or tomorrow you may notice available for purchase via a donation a bottle of whiskey you’ve never heard of before. It is called Metze’s Medley, and what you might find curious to know about it is that it is a limited edition Indiana straight bourbon produced by MGP.

MGP, for those that don’t know, are the makers, for some very controversial, behind the bourbons and whiskies of many well known labels that either don’t plan to make their own spirits or have whiskey aging in their own distilleries that is not ready yet for bottling. It is well documented by others who MGP sells its spirits to, with its rye in particular being popular for some of the releases from the likes of Bulleit Rye, Filibuster, High West and Templeton Rye. The latter from this list has actually been the subject of at least one class action lawsuit with regards to reportedly misleading “drinkers with stories of its whiskey’s prohibition-era origins.”


It thus makes it quite fascinating that MGP is out with its own bottling, which you can only get a hold of at this festival in its hometown on these two days if you donate $100 or more to the Greater Cincinnati United Way. As an added bonus MGP master distiller Greg Metze, for who it is named for, will be on hand to sign each bottle.


As for what is actually in the bottle, it is described by MGP as consisting of

20% 2005 Bourbon (21% Rye), 20% 2005 Bourbon (36% Rye), and 60% 2008 Bourbon (21% Rye). Showcasing subtle grain differences, this finely crafted combination delivers a rich full taste with slight vanilla notes and a spicy finish.

The distillery doesn’t offer much more information then that on it, but a check of the labels database from the U.S. Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau reveals it is a 80 proof offering stored in a 750 ml bottle. It is a curiosity to consider picking up at the least if you are in the area, if nothing else to compare against some of the private label releases which use MGP juice.

(h/t Chuck Cowdery)


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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