Maker’s Mark New Collaboration Bourbon Supports The Hospitality Industry

| November 24, 2021

The LEE Initiative and Maker’s Mark Bourbon have announced the upcoming release of the second annual CommUNITY Batch Bourbon, with 100 percent of proceeds going to support the hospitality industry.

The LEE in the initiative stands for “Let’s Empower Employment!”

Launching on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30th, this latest CommUNITY batch bourbon bottling was created by blending Maker’s Mark Private Selection barrels from over 40 whisky clubs from across the United States and one in the United Kingdom that are all equally passionate about whiskey and the hospitality industry.

Maker's Mark 2021 CommUNITY Batch Bourbon

Maker’s Mark 2021 CommUNITY Batch Bourbon (image via Maker’s Mark)

Off the heels of the 2020 CommUNITY Batch offering that generated more than $2 million for restaurant relief and more, the 2021 offering will continue supporting the bar and restaurant community in a time of sustained unprecedented needs.

“Our second bottling of CommUNITY Batch Bourbon with Maker’s Mark is monumental because like any community, it takes time to build trust, loyalty and kinship,” said Edward Lee, James Beard Award Winning author, restaurateur, chef and founder of the LEE Initiative, in a prepared statement. “We have that with Maker’s Mark, and we are building that relationship with our many supporters who love to follow our evolving programs at The LEE Initiative while drinking amazing bourbon along the journey.”

“It’s been an honor and privilege to work alongside Chef Lee, Lindsey Ofcacek and their team on various philanthropic efforts, including opening 19 relief kitchen across the country amidst the pandemic,” added Rob Samuels, Chief Distillery Officer of Maker’s Mark. “At Maker’s Mark, we treasure the bonds we’ve made with trade and hospitality partners who love to share our bourbon as much as we do, which is especially true of the Whisky Clubs who participated in creating the 2021 CommUNITY Batch. Together with this whisky-loving community, we are proud to support The LEE Initiative and look forward to continuing our partnership to benefit and champion the industry.”

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The Maker’s Mark community batch bourbon will be available via the LEE initiative in select cities where Maker’s Mark Private Selection partners are located.

For those 21 or older, suggested donations start at $70 and vary by event, with additional details on how to get involved and donate at

2021 CommUNITY Batch Limited Release distiller’s notes:

  • Maker’s Mark created individual barrels of Private Selection bourbon by taking fully-matured cask strength Maker’s Mark and finishing it with each partner’s unique combination of ten-barrel staves for an additional nine weeks in the Maker’s Mark Cellar. Once finished, the whisky from the barrels was blended and filled back into the barrels to rest for an additional five weeks to allow the subtle nuances of the custom bourbon to properly integrate.
  • The resulting characteristics of the 2021 CommUNITY Batch include:
    • Proof: 107.7
    • Stave Contributions: P2 (18%), CU (22%), 46 (17%), Mn (28%) and SP (15%)
    • Tasting notes: Notes of cherry and subtle wood spice. Rich and balanced. Not too sweet, not too spicy. Even in tone. Pleasant and long finish where the subtle spice notes linger.


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