Lost Lantern’s 2022 Spring Collection Debuts New Craft Whiskey Single Cask Offerings

, | March 8, 2022

Lost Lantern, an American whiskey bottler launched a year and a half ago, unveiled their Spring 2022 collection featuring four limited edition single casks from four celebrated distilleries: Smooth Ambler in West Virginia, Westward in Oregon, Frey Ranch Distillery in Nevada and Spirit Works in California.

Starting March 9th, the Spring 2022 single cask collection will be for sale on LostLanternWhiskey.com and Seelbachs.com.

The cask strength offerings are:

  • 2022 Single Cask #1: Smooth Ambler West Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey (195 btls): SRP, $80.
  • 2022 Single Cask #2: Westward Oregon Single Malt Whiskey Finished in Chardonnay Cask (272 btls): SRP, $130.
  • 2022 Single Cask #3: Frey Ranch Distillery Nevada Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey (188 btls): SRP, $100.
  • 2022 Single Cask #4: Spirit Works California Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in a Sloe Gin Cask (207 btls): SRP, $100.

“This group of distilleries is continually pushing the boundaries of American whiskey and exploring new ways of making whiskey in many different forms,” said Lost Lantern Co-Founders Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski in a prepared statement. “The Spring Collection includes our first single casks from Frey Ranch, one of the only estate distilleries in the country, and Westward, one of the creators of modern American single malt, as well as our second Smooth Ambler West Virginia wheated bourbon and a unique sloe gin-finished rye whiskey from Spirit Works in California.”

Lost Lantern 2022 Spring Collection

Lost Lantern’s 2022 Spring Collection (image via Lost Lantern)

Single casks are an important piece of the Lost Lantern model, inspired by the tradition of independent bottlers in Scotland.

Since their debut in October of 2020, Lost Lantern’s released 22 single casks from Santa Fe Spirits (NM), Cedar Ridge (IA), New York Distilling Company (NY), Ironroot Republic (TX), Whiskey Del Bac (AZ), Balcones (TX) Watershed (OH), Boulder Spirits (CO), Spirit Works (CA), St. George Spirits (CA), McCarthy’s (OR), Smooth Ambler (WV), Starlight (IN), Westward (OR), and Frey Ranch Distillery (NV).

Distiller’s notes on Lost Lantern’s Spring 2022 Single Cask Collection:

2022 Cask #1: Smooth Ambler West Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey (195 btls | 123 Proof): SRP, $80.

This is the second of a pair of bourbon casks Lost Lantern selected from Smooth Ambler Spirits in Maxwelton, West Virginia. Smooth Ambler has long been on the vanguard of sourcing and blending whiskey with transparency and integrity. They’ve also been distilling and aging their own whiskey as they forge a new whiskey tradition in West Virginia. Distilled on Smooth Ambler’s own column still in West Virginia, it was aged in a 53-gallon barrel for 5 years. The nose has notes of toasted almond, white chocolate, and cranberries. The palate is rich and spicy, with clove, black cherry and deep oak flavors.

2022 Cask #2: Westward Oregon Single Malt Whiskey Finished in a Chardonnay Cask (272 btls | 121 Proof): SRP, $130.

Known for pushing the boundaries of craft spirits for almost two decades, Westward in Portland, Oregon has created a new style of American single malt built on the brewing culture of the Pacific Northwest. This single malt was made from 100% two-row malted barley grown in the Pacific Northwest. It was aged for 28 months in a new oak cask, then finished for 20 months in an Oregon Chardonnay cask. It has a structured and well-rounded palate with a big malty flavor that includes hints of white flowers, toasted pecans, and fresh pears. It is reminiscent of a meadow in the first days of fall.

2022 Cask #3: Frey Ranch Distillery Nevada Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey (188 btls | 124 Proof): SRP, $100.

Frey Ranch, located in a unique farming oasis in the watershed of Lake Tahoe in northern Nevada, is where Colby and Ashley Frey have transformed their fifth-generation family farm into one of the most exciting distilleries in the country. Committed to doing things the right way, no matter how long it takes, Frey Ranch is one of the only true estate distilleries in the U.S. This cask is a 5-year-old straight bourbon whiskey made entirely from grain grown at Frey Ranch. It has spicy, earthy fruit flavors, with notes of black cherry and caramel vanilla creams. It is Lost Lantern’s first Nevada whiskey.

2022 Cask #4: Spirit Works California Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in a Sloe Gin Cask (207 btls | 113 Proof): SRP, $100.

Located in the heart of Sonoma wine country, Spirit Works is a family-run distillery built from the ground up with sustainable practices in mind. Highly awarded and respected, the distillery also has one of the very few female-led distilling teams in the United States. Most importantly, they make spirits like whiskey and gin. This special whiskey was made by finishing straight 2-year-old Spirit Works rye whiskey for an additional year in a cask that previously held the distillery’s sloe gin. The finish adds complex flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and juniper to the underlying spice, vanilla, and oak notes, making this whiskey similar in flavor to the iconic cocktail, the Boulevardier.


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