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Jim Beam Old Tub Bourbon Can Only Be Found One Place

Jim Beam Old Tub Bourbon
image copyright The Whiskey Wash

One of the things you discover when you travel to distilleries, besides knowing you’ve come to the shrine to worship your favorite whiskey brand, is the on-site only bottlings you can get hold of. While I would love to hear about what exclusive bottles you’ve managed to pick up in the comments below, for this story I’ll focus on Old Tub Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Jim Beam.

Old Tub is a bottled-in-bond, four year old bourbon you can only pick up at the Beam American Stillhouse, which is the Jim Beam distillery’s uber-vistior experience in the rolling foothills of Clermont, Kentucky. The bourbon is called Old Tub as a nod to the Beam legacy. According to information on the bottle:

Our family bourbon was called Old Tub before we sold it in bottles. Prior to Prohibition, people would bring their own jugs to the distillery and fill them with bourbon.

This American whiskey is a sour mash, bottled at a straight 100 proof and comes in only a 375 ml size. The labeling on it, as you can see from the image with this article, reflects retro styling found in older bourbons once released from the Bluegrass State.

I got the chance to taste some Old Tub during my recent Kentucky Bourbon Affair trip, but sadly don’t have detailed notes on it to share with you. The bottle I got was part of the materials given out during the Beam event I attended. I can tell you though I found it to be quite a nice drink, and a solid representation of what bottled-in-bond bourbons strive to achieve in taste.

Jim Beam bourbon tasting
Jim Beam bourbon tasting at the Kentucky Bourbon Affair (image copyright The Whiskey Wash)

If you want more info on Old Tub, check out this reddit review of it from a few months back. As for price, expect to pay under $20 a bottle for it. If you happen to be at the Beam American Stillhouse in the future, it might be worthing grabbing one or two to share for your next personal whiskey tasting.

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