Jim Beam Double Oak A Twice Barreled Whiskey

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Beam Suntory, looking to capitalize more on the popular of its Jim Beam bourbon brand in overseas markets, has introduced into the global travel retail sector an expression which is doubled matured to give it greater character in the bottle. Known as Jim Beam Double Oak, it is set to debut in July.

Jim Beam Double Oak, according to Beam Suntory, is an “unblended bourbon whiskey that was aged a second time in a new American white oak cask, following four years of aging in a different bourbon cask.” This process allows the whiskey to have greater contact with the wood, reportedly resulting in “exceptional and perfectly balanced depths” being drawn out.

“Over the last seven generations, we have demonstrated our commitment to innovation through the creation of new expressions worthy of the Jim Beam name,” said Michael Cockram, Global Marketing Director for Travel Retail at Beam Suntory, in a statement. “The release of Jim Beam Double Oak is our most recent edition to the Jim Beam family and we’re excited to share it with the world.”

Not much has been said of the flavor of this 40% ABV bourbon as of yet, other then the fact “it  is distinguished by a flavor that is sweet and smooth like caramel” and also that “has aromas of vanilla and rich caramel and toffee notes.”

Jim Beam Double Oak is expected to price at £28, or about $40 USD, when it comes to market. It is being presented in relatively new Beam packaging which resulted from a global refresh a few months back. It thus comes in a new bottle which has “unique contours, glass embossing and engraving, along with textured labelling and foiling.”

Double Oak also follows on the heels of Jim Beam Kentucky Dram, a bottling from last year which blends Scotch and bourbon.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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