Jefferson’s Bourbon’s Latest Whiskey Bottles The Heat, Humidity Of Singapore

| September 12, 2023

Jefferson’s Bourbon is known for its innovation in whiskey blending and maturation. And with its most recent release, continues that tradition.

The brand’s newest release is Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity, a fully-matured Kentucky straight bourbon finished in the extreme heat and humidity of Singapore.

A statement from Jefferson’s explained that to deliver a rich, textured, and completely unique tasting experience, the distiller is constantly experimenting with various blending, aging, and finishing techniques to achieve those unique flavors.

Jefferson's Tropics Aged In Humidity

Jefferson’s Bourbon is known for its innovation in whiskey blending and maturation. And with its most recent release, continues that tradition. (image via Jefferson’s)

Founder Trey Zoeller explained he was convinced climate could affect the maturation process more than the mash bill or barrel itself, and he looked for new and interesting climates for further proof.

“After taking barrels to many different locations, it was evident that the hot and humid climates had such a positive impact on the bourbon,” Zoeller said. “So, when homing in on a location to age our first Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity release, we knew we needed to be near the equator, where the heat and humidity would be year-round and intense.”

It was Singapore, what Zoeller called one of his “bucket list travel destinations,” and it was going to be perfect for the experiment.

“The result is a remarkable bourbon, one that further reinforces my belief that terroir for whiskey comes from the environment that the bourbon matures in rather than the ground from which the grains are grown,” he added.

To start, nine containers with a combined capacity of 720 barrels of fully matured Kentucky straight bourbon set sail for Singapore by ship in July of 2019.

Once there, the barrels were exposed to Singapore’s severe heat and humidity for 18 months, the result being a bourbon with intense caramelization. The extreme heat essentially slow cooked and caramelized the sugars in the wood.

The containers of bourbon barrels came back to Kentucky in March of this year, and Zoeller said he evaluated and selected the ideal flavor profile and proof point for this release, a blended bourbon that features aromatic baking spices on the nose, tastes of Bing cherry, toffee, and sea salt, and a long, full-bodied finish.

Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity clocks in at 52% ABV and has a suggested price of $99.99 for a 750ml bottle. The limited edition will be an allocated release, available starting this month at retailers and restaurants and bars across the U.S.

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