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Whiskey Gift Guide: Gifts for the Whiskey Newbie

If you know somebody who’s just getting into whiskey—or you’re just starting down that delicious path yourself—here are a few of our favGlencarin Glassorite gifts for getting acquainted with the world’s greatest brown spirit.

Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass, Set of 6

The standard tasting glass for whiskeys the world over, a few Glencairn glasses are essential for any new whiskey lover. Their unique tulip shape concentrates aromas while keeping your nose far enough from the spirit to avoid alcohol burn, and their elegant appearance spruces up any bar. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth it—and go ahead, spring for the six-pack, you’ll thank us when you’re hosting your first whiskey tasting.

Tasting Whiskey: An Insider’s Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World’s Finest Spirits
tasting-whisky-bookAuthored by writer Lew Bryson and spirits historian David Wondrich, two of the best-respected names in whiskey today, Tasting Whiskey is an accessible, practical, fuss-free guide to learning to appreciate whiskey. From selecting whiskey, to evaluating its aroma, to picking out flavors, to proper storage, Tasting Whiskey covers all the bases.



Big Ice Cube Trays

big-ice-cube-traysSure, neat whiskey is great, but sometimes, only a chilled spirit will do. Save the heartache of ruining great whiskey with bad ice—and make drinking at home feel like drinking at a fancy bar—with this jumbo-sized ice cube tray.



The World Atlas of Whisky: New Edition
world-atlas-of-whiskyPublished in 2014 by Dave Broom, longtime contributor to Whisky Advocate, this New York Times-recommended book provides the most thorough, up-to-date tour of the world’s whisky-producing regions available today. With tasting notes on major producers, beautiful photographs, and spotlights on up-and-coming regions and styles like American craft, German, and Latin American, there’s no better introduction to the big, wide world of whiskey.



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