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Garrison Brothers’ Latest Cask-Strength Cowboy Bourbon Kicks Your Teeth At 140.9 Proof

Texas’ Garrison Brothers Distillery is set to release the 2023 iteration of its Cowboy Bourbon.

A statement from the distiller noted the limited bourbon will be unveiled at their annual distillery event in Hye, Texas, on Saturday, Sept. 23rd.

The distiller explained this cask-strength release clocks in at a blazing 140.9 proof. In all, they made 9,600 bottles. The first thousand bottles will go to ardent fans of Garrison Bros, at the distillery, while the remaining 8,600 bottles will be available across the country by the first week of October.

Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon 2023
Texas’ Garrison Brothers Distillery is set to release the 2023 iteration of its Cowboy Bourbon. (image via Garrison Brothers)

Cowboy Bourbon comes from what Master Distiller Donnis Todd calls his “piggy bank” of barrels.

Todd said he saves and collects these specific barrels as he finds them during his daily, monthly and yearly taste tests. If he finds them worthy of making the Cowboy Bourbon cut, then let ‘er rip.

And years later, he takes these barrels out of the harsh Texas climate in which they are aging and puts them to another test … more Texas heat. The high-proof barrels continue to age, and the distiller noted that some even end up completely empty. The barrels that remain are collected and blended to make Cowboy Bourbon.

Todd said every barrel used in this year’s release was at least six years old. The 2023 Cowboy Bourbon, on the nose, features aromas of fresh lumber and honey wheat bread.

His tasting notes show that the initial heat reveals an array of flavors, such as warm plums, rhubarb, cocoa powder and cherry juice, balanced by the earthiness of roasted pecans and a touch of white chocolate and clove honey.

The finish is a mix of cinnamon candy, burnt marshmallows, chewy caramels and apple cider, leaving behind a warmth like spicy citrus cinnamon and apple pie.

“It holds true even at 140.9, I truly believe the flavor overpowers the proof,” Todd said.

Cowboy Bourbon has a suggested retail price of $249.99, and the limited stock can be found at liquor retailers and bars nationwide starting Oct. 1st. Each bottle is hand-signed and numbered by Todd and comes housed in a custom-built gift box lined with a satin pillow.

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