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Driftless Glen Out Of Wisconsin Drifts Its Whiskies To Retail

Driftless Glen is one of the many craft whiskey makers in the United States currently in the process of getting product to market. Located around the hillsides of the Baraboo valley in Wisconsin, this region is also known as the Driftless Area of the Midwest because of the specific combination of temperature, water, soil, and weather. It is said by those behind this distillery to be a perfect area for making whiskey, and now the proof is in the bottle with the recent release of a range of core expressions.

This distillery bills itself as grain to glass in part because they locally source grains for their whiskeys before double distilling them on a 10,000 pound, 44 foot tall column still and a “one-of-a-kind pot still.” Taking a look across the product line, they currently offer two bourbons and two ryes. The bourbons first – one is a regular bourbon, bottled at 96 proof after being aged in a new American oak barrel, that has a tasting profile said to be “vanilla and caramel, with soft hints of charred oak.”

Driftless Glen

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The other bourbon is a straight single barrel variant, bottled at 96-99 proof after a minimum of two years of aging. Generally speaking these single barrel offerings sport a rich, amber color and a flavor profile that’s said to be “a delicate balance of vanilla, honey, and light spice, [that] then finishes with a hint of oak.”

With regards to the ryes, the regular rye expression is distilled from 75% rye that’s local to the Midwest and bottled at 96 proof. Also aged in a new American oak barrel like the bourbon, tasting notes for it suggest “a spicy complexity, with notes of vanilla and honey.” Joining it is a straight single barrel offering that’s aged a minimum of two years and bottled at 96-99 proof. It is said to have a “a deep amber color with the perfect balance of rye, spice, and cinnamon, [that] then finishes with a hint of oak.”

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