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Corsair Grainiac Bourbon Is a Nine Grain Wonder Whiskey

By Nino Marchetti / October 11, 2016

Corsair GrainiacOne little, two little, three little grains, four little, five little, six little grains, seven little, eight little, nine little grains in my bourbon.

A whiskey variant of a popular childhood rhyme goes through my head as I introduce you to Corsair Grainiac. Much like said rhyme, this bourbon, consisting of nine different grain types, strikes me as a whimsical and fun-loving experiment in how far you can push the boundaries of what gets stuffed into a single mash bill. As the mad scientists at Corsair explain it, “this complex bourbon is unlike anything you’ve had before.” I would venture to say that’s definitely true.

Corsair Grainiac, according to the distillery, is a nine grain bourbon made from corn, barley, rye, wheat, oats, quinoa, spelt, triticale, and buckwheat. All of these grains are, for the most part, ones that Corsair has already used in previous expressions, so it isn’t like they are unfamiliar with some of the more off beat choices (i.e. quinoa and spelt). As for the specific percentages of each of these in the mash bill, that wasn’t specifically revealed. That being said, a TTB label approval from back in 2012 suggests it might go like this (yes, I know this adds up to 106 – just going off what’s on the hypothetical label):

  • Corn (52%)
  • Barley (12%)
  • Rye (6%)
  • Wheat (6%)
  • Oats (6%)
  • Quinoa (6%)
  • Triticale (6%)
  • Spelt (6%)
  • Buckwheat (6%)

This non-age statement bourbon is distilled and aged in Tennessee before being bottled at 94 proof. As to how this all plays together flavor-wise, here’s what Corsair had to say on that:

For this 9 grain bourbon, we take the fairly standard bourbon grain bill of corn, rye, wheat and barley but add buckwheat, triticale, spelt oats and quinoa for more flavor complexity. The oats and buckwheat add more mouthfeel, while the quinoa, spelt and triticale add a nutty and earthy component to the taste.

Corsair Grainiac, should you want to get hold of a bottle of it, is available for sale at the distillery’s different locations. No specific price was mentioned.


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