Booker's Bourbon Batch 2015-2 "Dot's Batch" Hits Shelves

Booker’s Bourbon Batch 2015-2 “Dot’s Batch” Hits Shelves

Anybody notice Booker’s Bourbon, Batch 2015-2 has quietly begun creeping into liquor retail outlets across the country? It is the second for this year to be released in limited edition fashion in honor of its namesake Booker Noe and his legacy as the so-called “father of small batch bourbon.” Whereas Batch 2015-1 had Noe on the label, this time around it is focused upon his dog Dot.

Dot is said to have been Noe’s “cherished Jack Russell Terrier, a scrappy runt of the litter brought home as a surprise for Booker’s wife and nicknamed for the single brown spot on her back.” The dog was known in particular for always being at her master’s side, and hence why she is now immortalized in her own bourbon label.

As for the actual bourbon of Batch 2015-2, it is made up of barrels, according to those behind it, that were aged from January 2007 to February 2008. Notes from Fred Noe, who is Booker’s son and a master distiller, indicated the he “really enjoyed the nose on this batch. It has a nice balance of vanilla with some slight citrus notes. I’ll always remember this batch as the one I selected during the winter snowstorms of 2015.”

Bottled at 127.9 proof and with an age statement of seven years, expect this Booker’s Bourbon batch to price in the neighborhood of $50 to $60 like the first 2015 release.

Booker’s Bourbon Dot's Batch (2015-02)

image via Booker’s Bourbon

h/t Adventures In Whiskey

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