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Whiskey Gift Guide: The Best Hipster Whiskey Gifts

hip whiskey giftsIf you live in a city where whiskey is a popular thing, you’ve likely seen well regarded whiskey watering holes full of them – hipsters. Perhaps you are one yourself. Whatever the case, whiskey is indeed hip right now, and I’m here to tell you your hippest friend/niece/son/uncle is secretly wishing somebody would give them a whiskey related present—they’re just too cool to say so. We’ve thus gathered below some gift ideas for you which are, well, very hip.

The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All

Retro and stylish, this tongue-in-cheek book looks great on any live-edge coffee table or midcentury-inspired nightstand.

Whiskey Helps T-Shirt

Perfect for showing off tattooed arms, this Whiskey Helps T-shirt looks just like a band tee, only better.

33 Glasses of Whiskey

Help your budding whiskey reviewer organize their thoughts, remember those late-night drams, and develop their ability to quickly dismiss a whiskey as either “immature” or “over-oaked” with this pocket-sized whiskey tasting journal, complete with tasting wheels and notes sections for each entry.

Whiskey-Scented Beard Oil

Beards don’t develop the scent of whiskey all on their own (well, some do, but that usually means you’re doing it wrong).

The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining

From Brooklyn’s hippest distillery, Kings County, comes this book about extending the DIY ethos to whiskey. It’s not legal, but doesn’t that just make it more enticing?

Whiskey Stache Socks

With these socks, your sartorially minded friends can now work whiskey into their wardrobe from head to toe—just what they’ve always wanted!


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