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Behind the Bottle: Eagle Rare Bourbon

Eagle Rare BourbonEverybody loves a good bourbon. The smooth, tangy notes of this libation are as American as apple pie, and twice as delicious. In our quest to sample all of the best whiskeys, scotches, and bourbons around, we sometimes come across a bottle that is too good not to stop and say “wow.” Such a bottle is Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and if you are looking for something rich, bold, and flavorful, then Eagle Rare Bourbon should be your next choice.


Back in 1975, Eagle Rare debuted as part of the Four Roses family of bourbons. The spirit was made by master distiller Charles L. Beam (of the Jim Beam family) during his twenty-two-year tenure with Seagram’s, who owned the Four Roses brand. While Charles “Chuck” Beam did a lot of different things at the company, he is best known for Eagle Rare and was even inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2010.

For fourteen years, Eagle Rare was sold by Seagram’s until the brand was bought by the Sazerac Company in 1989. Up until this point, Eagle Rare was a multiple-barrel whiskey, and Sazerac kept it that way until 2005 when the recipe was changed to be a single barrel. Currently, Eagle Rare is part of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, which is owned by Sazerac.


When Eagle Rare was first created, it was made in multiple barrels and was designed as a high-proof bourbon (101 proof to be exact). However, over the years, the recipe has changed, not only making it single barrel but reducing it from 101 to 90 proof in its current form. Thankfully, these changes make Eagle Rare a much smoother bourbon, whereas before it was a bit too sharp and overwhelming.

You can get Eagle Rare in two varieties: 10-year and 17-year batches. Obviously, the 17-year is much easier on the palate since it is aged longer, but the relatively young 10-year still hits the spot. When drinking this bourbon, you’ll notice hints of toffee, orange, and honey, making for a very smooth, rich spirit. Overall, however, the most prominent taste is cocoa and oak, which combine to make an almost candied almond flavor. As far as the finish goes, this bourbon goes down with a bit of a tingle but has a refreshingly light and dry aftertaste.


It seems that Charles Beam’s legacy is going strong, as Eagle Rare is one of the top brands of Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and shows no signs of being dethroned. We recently gave Eagle Rare a full review, and we loved its complex flavor. We also loved its relatively inexpensive price point, which  means we can enjoy this robust spirit with impunity since we can always keep it in stock. Whether neat or in a mixed drink, Eagle Rare truly does soar.

Jonathan Houston

Jonathan is an avid alcohol connoisseur who enjoys expertly aged scotch on the rocks, as well as smooth American whiskeys and bourbons. He is a freelance writer from Long Beach CA and writes for the OWNT Gaming Network, as well as Copywriter Today.

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