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Barrell Bourbon A Craft Offering From A New Start Up

bottle-on-clothA new “craft” bourbon that’s surfaced in New York looks to come in a beautiful bottling, but as for its origins, it is a little more complex. Still, this new offering from Barrell Craft Spirits out of Connecticut may have some promise if it proves to be a good product.

Barrell Bourbon, according to those behind it, was distilled in Tennessee for Batch 001 and then aged in Kentucky for five years in charred white oak barrels. It is bottled at full strength, which in the case of this release means 121.6 proof, and it heralds from a mash bill that’s said to be 70% corn, 25% rye and 5% malted barley.

Is Barrell Craft Spirits a true distiller or an independent bottler? There’s a little confusion at first glance on the company’s slick website, especially when you note the Conn. business address that’s showing up on the CEO’s business cards. Whatever the case may be, they’ve got enough pull to already be in some prominent retailers in New York.

As for pricing, I’ve seen Batch 001 online for sale at $74, but the actual retail price may vary.

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