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Another Young Kentucky Distillery Ready To Release Bourbon

By Nino Marchetti / October 22, 2018

The story of Kentucky bourbon will likely always be dominated with household names the likes of Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey, among others. When you look beyond these distilleries though you see an up and coming Kentucky craft movement producing some American whiskey of their own. One of the latest of these is Dueling Grounds Distillery, founded in 2014, and its new Linkumpinch Bourbon.

Dueling Grounds Linkumpinch Bourbon, according to those behind it, is a young, two year old bourbon that’s made from locally grown grains that have been double pot distilled and then aged in 53 gallon, charred oak barrels. Though the specific mash bill was not mentioned, information put out previously by Dueling Grounds seems to suggest it includes corn, red winter wheat and malted barley.

Dueling Grounds Distillery

bourbon from Dueling Grounds Distillery (image via Dueling Grounds Distillery)

“We shot for a very sweet, very flavorful final product coming off the still,” said Dueling Grounds Distillery Owner Marc Dottore in a prepared statement.

Plans call for this bourbon to be released on site at the distillery at the beginning of December, just a few days prior to the celebration of Prohibition Repeal Day, which took place Dec. 5, 1933. It is said this whiskey is named “for Linkumpinch Farm where legendary duels took place…the story goes back to Sept. 22, 1826 when Tennessee Representative Sam Houston wounded General William A. White in a pistol duel over the political appointment of the Nashville postmaster. By that time, the dueling grounds had seen more than 40 duels, establishing its place in history.”

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