8 Videos Showcasing Awesome Distillery Flyovers by Drones

There is something to be said for considering the size of the distillery that makes your favorite mainstream Scotch or bourbon. Most craft whiskey makers aside, a good number of whiskey brands are created on the grounds of rather large facilities which are almost impossible to see from the vantage of the visitor’s center.

With the advent of drone technology, it is now possible to easily film the scope of some of these operations in a way which makes for some very entertaining video. Below you’ll find eight such (mostly) short videos, some of American distilleries and others of Scottish ones. Some are notably scenic, while others are more just about seeing how such distilleries just eat up the landscape around them.

Bowmore Distillery (Scotland – includes village around distillery)

Bruichladdich Distillery (Scotland – includes village around distillery)

Islay Distilleries (Scotland – includes eight distilleries on the island)

Macallan Distillery (Scotland)

Old Taylor Distillery (Kentucky – now Castle & Key)

T.W. Samuels Distillery (Kentucky)

Wild Turkey Distillery (Kentucky)

Willett Distillery (Kentucky)

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