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3 Benefits of Booking a Private Bourbon Tour In Kentucky

By Guest Post / April 21, 2016

Editor’s Note: This advertorial article was provided to us courtesy of our affiliate partner Taste Vacations. It is not a regular story, but rather a form of placed content from which The Whiskey Wash gets a share of affiliate revenue.

It is definitely possible to plan a Kentucky bourbon trip on your own. But the Kentucky Bourbon Trail isn’t like visiting other well known trails, such as in Napa Valley. The bourbon distilleries are not all located close together so you may have to drive up to an hour between each one, which means you’ll have to do some research and legwork ahead of time so as not to miss any scheduled distillery tours.

Private bourbon tour

image via Kentucky Distillers Association

For someone with a busy enough schedule as it is, you may want to consider booking a private bourbon tour where everything will be taken care of for you.  Here are three benefits of booking a private tour:

  1. You may not know what you don’t know.  Meaning, you may not be aware of all the wonderful experiences available to you on the Bourbon trail. Though the internet is a wonderful thing, there are still many amazing bourbon trail experiences that haven’t been shared online or publicized.  On a private tour, you also have the added bonus of having a personal guide (and driver!) that provides the benefit of having extensive knowledge of the area that can make your trip that much more enjoyable.
  2. Easily plan a trip catered to your preferences.  Tour operators know the Bourbon trail like the back of their hand.  You can let them know what type of vacation you’re looking for (budget friendly, luxury, etc), what types of experiences you’d like to have, and if there is a specific distillery that is at the top of your list. They will easily generate an unforgettable vacation that is customized to your specific tastes and preferences without you having to do all the legwork.
  3. Gain access to exclusive experiences. There are plenty of fun experiences to be had on the Bourbon trail that are open to the public.  But you may be missing out on some remarkable exclusive experiences that you can only get by booking a private tour.  For instance, Taste Vacations, a luxury beer, wine, food, and spirits travel company, offers a private Kentucky Bourbon Tour where you not only get private tours and tastings at the distilleries, but you have the opportunity to participate in a cooking demonstration and private luncheon at local chef’s residence and garden. That chef isn’t inviting just anyone over to his house!

Don’t waste time trying to plan the perfect bourbon vacation on your own.  Get help from the experts and book a private bourbon vacation instead.


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