Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #60: Art Eatables

, | August 20, 2016

Kelly Ramsey, Bourbon-Certified Chocolatier and Owner of Art Eatables, talks about her delicious bourbon truffles and the difference between bourbon balls.

image via Art Eatables

image via Art Eatables

  • Ryan, any fond memories of bourbon balls growing up?
  • Our guest today didn’t invent the bourbon ball, instead they made the bourbon truffle.
  • Difference between bourbon ball and truffle
  • Tell us about how you got into bourbon
  • What do you think makes pairing bourbon and chocolate a harmonious marriage?
  • What brands/chocolates do you have?
  • Is it really possible to tell the difference between them?
  • Does the truffle process change based on the bourbon you chose?
  • Talk about some of the tasting notes between a few of them
  • What’s your best selling truffle?
  • Talk a bit about the B. I. T.
  • Everything is handmade too. It’s not out of a factory
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