Whiskey With Wes: How To Make Clear Ice [VIDEO]

By Wes Shonk / March 11, 2016

Ever wake up in the morning with your heart pounding and you’re just overwhelmed by waves of anxiety and self doubt and you wonder if it is all because maybe someone saw that bulls*** cloudy ice in your freezer? WELL NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL THAT WAY ANY LONGER BECAUSE YOUR GOOD BUDDY WES IS HERE TO FIX THAT ICE GAME, PLAYA!

Whiskey with Wes Clear Ice

No need for worry, no need for embarrassment! It’s just time to elevate your game again.  The reason you have cloudy ice is not because of your freezer, and I’m here to tell you… it’s not your fault: it just science man.  When ice freezes from every direction, the water on the inside is the last to freeze, and all that pressure and trapped air bubbles expand and fissure causing an ugly looking ice cube.  Now, if you were to freeze the ice from one direction, no trapped air bubbles, no pressure, no cloudy ice cubes!  Beautiful looking ice.

This is all well and good, (and not to mention super sexy looking) but it is also good for your whiskey drinking experience.  Truly!  Clear ice has less surface area, and melts slower meaning your drink will become less diluted and stay chilled longer.

Look, I get it: it’s not going to be an everyday thing, but every once in a while, that special pour deserves the extra attention.


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