The Whiskey Wash 2.0 And Reflections On Our Growth

Welcome to The Whiskey Wash 2.0! As you’ve likely noticed by now if you are a frequent visitor to this site, the look has changed significantly. We’ve slapped up a new coat of paint, tweaked the layout and done a bunch of behind the scenes technical enhancements to make us more SEO friendly as we continue to grow at a very healthy pace.

When The Whiskey Wash started back in October of 2013, I only was maintaining it as a side project while I continued working on EarthTechling, which at the time was my primary gig. That site has since been handed off to other parties, and now I’m full time here, along with a crack staff of writers scattered around the US which are all reporting on exciting whiskey adventures in their backyards.


Our new look

To give you a sense of where the site is now, here are a few stats showcasing our rapid growth:

  • 500+ article posts
  • 10+ writers
  • 19,500+ Facebook followers
  • 950+ Twitter followers
  • 40,000+ page views on average per month

In summary, we are doing quite well in my opinion, in large part due to the positive reception to the mix of content from you, our very valued readers. As The Whiskey Wash moves forward, expect to see us up the game even more as we strive to be one of the best online venues for all things whiskey lifestyle. Thanks again for being part of this great journey with us.

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