Stranahan’s Debuts Distillery Exclusive Caribbean Rum Cask American Single Malt

| August 25, 2021

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey recently released its Caribbean Rum Cask expression, an American single malt exclusive to the distillery that was finished for several years in former Caribbean rum barrels.

Owen Martin, head distiller at Stranahan’s, said the Caribbean Rum Cask is the latest in their series of Distillery Exclusives that “showcase our ongoing innovation within the growing American single malt category. Up to three years of aging in Caribbean rum barrels results in a whiskey that bursts with lively, tropical flavor.”

Like other Stranahan’s expressions, the Caribbean Rum Cask is distilled from 100 percent malted barley and handmade in small batches at the Stranahan’s distillery, noted as being Colorado’s first legal distillery since Prohibition.

Stranahan’s Caribbean Rum Cask whiskey

Stranahan’s Caribbean Rum Cask whiskey (image via Stranahan’s)

Once distilled from 100% malted barley, it is aged in virgin American oak barrels with #3 char. After an initial maturation, what ultimately results as a marriage of 5 to 9-year-old Stranahan’s whiskey is transferred into Caribbean rum barrels, where the liquid is finished for up to three years.

The Stranahan’s Caribbean Rum Cask whiskey is then cut to 90 proof with their mountain water from Eldorado Springs and chill filtered.

This new whiskey retails for $69.99 for a 750ml bottle and is only available at Stranahan’s Denver distillery location. Limited official tasting notes can be found below.

  • Nose: Dried apricot and crème brûlée.
  • Palate: Bright tropical fruit notes against a brown sugar backdrop.
  • Finish: Darker candied fruit and butterscotch.
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