Recovery Rye In Indiana Debuts To Help Local Hospitality Workers

As the pandemic continues to haunt the United States, among other countries, one business sector particularly hit hard with closures and layoffs has been the hospitality areas. Various endeavors for fundraising have occurred at all levels to help those unemployed get by, and now a recently launched rye whiskey out of Indiana aims to help those from that state.

The new Recovery Rye, according to those behind it, is a 27 month old, 90 proof Indiana rye whiskey that looks to have been sourced from MGP and bottled by Bardstown Bourbon Co. It is pretty straight forward as far as MGP ryes going, with very limited official tasting notes indicating “an exceptionally smooth rye with Midwest sublime sweetness.”

Recovery Rye

Recovery Rye (image via Recovery Holdings)

The whiskey came about as result of the combined efforts of nationally syndicated radio host Tony Katz, Blend Bar Cigar proprietor Corey Johnston and Crossroad Vintners’ Nolan Smith. “The hospitality industry just got wrecked,” said Katz in a prepared statement. “And I wanted to help out these hard-working people all I could. When I asked Corey if it could be done, he said, ‘Definitely!’ and here we are!”

“This was a no-brainer of an opportunity to help my industry, and the people in it,” added Johnston. “We wanted to make it easy on Hoosiers to help, too. What can be easier than buying a great bottle of whiskey?”

Recovery Rye is said to be “available in restaurants and retail locations across Indiana. $5 of every bottle sold goes to the Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association (,) which provides grants to bartenders, servers and other hospitality workers who are experiencing financial hardship during the shutdowns associated with Covid-19.”


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