Popular New York Craft Distillery Kings County Unveils Limited Edition Whiskies

| November 12, 2014

One craft distillery in New York which garners a lot of attention for the quality of its whiskies is Brooklyn-based Kings County Distillery. Said to be New York City’s oldest operating distillery, it produces mostly award winning bourbon made from in-state organic corn. It also occasionally creates other offerings, however, as is the case with two new limited edition releases for sale only through its tasting room.


Kings County said its new bottlings include a peated bourbon and a rye whiskey, both of which are available alongside a limited edition brandy. These particular projects were set in motion in 2011 and are just now producing small batches of results. As for the specifics of each, here’s the information directly from the distillery:

Peated Bourbon
What is Peated Bourbon?  Peated bourbon is bourbon whiskey that conforms to American legal requirements for bourbon, but uses malted barley that has been smoked with peat, a tradition common to some scotch whiskies (Laphroaig and Ardbeg are good examples). Think of it a cross between bourbon and scotch. It’s less sweet than a traditional bourbon, delicious, and the world’s first-ever (probably). Limited edition of 400 375ml bottles, $49

Our brandy is a collaboration with Brooklyn Winery, one of our fellow booze-makers here in Brooklyn. Distilled from wine made at Brooklyn Winery from Cabernet Franc grapes grown in 2011, our brandy has been aged in used bourbon barrels for almost three years. This is the first release of several barrels of brandy that will be released each year over the next few years. Limited edition of 300 375ml bottles, $45.

Rye Whiskey
Back in 2011, we were struggling to make rye whiskey. After months of trial and error, we ended up with only three barrels of whiskey that we thought were excellent, and then considered it a success and moved on. But time has rendered them very special. This rye is deeply spicy, and is one of the few rye whiskeys bottled at barrel strength. Edition of 128 highly limited 200ml bottles at 122 proof, $39.

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