New Whiskey Art Print Gives You Visual Feast Of Your Favorite Spirit

To date I haven’t highlighted anything but whiskey on this blog. As I slowly begin to expand its focus however, I think highlighting cool gear and accessories tied to whiskey seems fitting, yes? This thus brings me to this cool new art print from Pop Chart Lab, a Brooklyn, New York-based operation that aims to “render all of human experience in chart form.”

Dubbed the Many Varieties of Whiskey, a regular edition ($29) and limited edition wood engraving ($175) are both available for purchase. Described as “a spirited taxonomy of the ultimate amber elixir, this chart categorizes and distills all the major varieties of whiskey–from scotch to bourbon to single malt to moonshine.”


While I definitely think the regular version, in which each print is signed and numbered by the artists, is slick, what really grabs my eye is the wood offering. This one is said to be “inspired by the look of distillery whiskey barrels” and features the same taxonomy of whiskey as the regular one, only it is instead “laser-engraved into sustainably harvested cherry ply.” It also “features an engraved cork at its center and steel strapping on top and bottom with brass screw accents” that is all neatly bundled into “a custom red oak frame with chamfered edges and walnut splines.” 

Either one you order, it will definitely make for a nice display on the wall near your whiskey cabinet.

(hat tip to Laughing Squid)

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