New Austin 85 Light Whiskey Debuts In Texas

The Austin Craft Spirits Company, known for its Austin 101 Light Whiskey, recently announced the launch of its new Austin 85 Light Whiskey.

Austin 85 is now headed to liquor stores across the Lone Star State.

In a press release, the distiller’s notes describe Austin 85 as having a balanced nose with mineral, butterscotch and vanilla aromas, a roundness in flavor, and a long, smooth finish. And it’s versatile in cocktails.

Austin 85 Light Whiskey
Austin 85 Light Whiskey (image via Austin Craft Spirits Company)

The inspiration for Austin 85 Light Whiskey, according to Austin Craft Spirits founders, is the extraction of the essence of local Texas grains. Handmade in small batches, the distiller also “sustainably finishes” the spirit in local recycled bourbon barrels.

Austin 85 Light Whiskey uses only corn, wheat, and malted barley from Texas. It’s column-distilled to a higher proof, the distiller’s notes show, to create less byproducts and congeners while preserving the natural sweetness and flavor of the original grains.

Austin 85 Light Whiskey clocks in at 42.5% ABV, 85 proof, and is available in 750 ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $32.

And the makers of Austin 85 suggest the following cocktail recipe for the new whiskey:

85 Happy Sour

  • 2 oz Austin 85 Light Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz Simple Syrup
  • 1oz Lemon Juice
  • Lemon peel & Luxardo Maraschino cherry

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice and shake for 20 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with lemon peel and Luxardo Maraschino cherry.

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