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Minnesota’s Tattersall Distilling Debuts A Number Of Collaborative Whiskeys

By Nino Marchetti / July 23, 2019

Tattersall Distilling out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, seems like a distillery that’s interested in making whiskey with as many collaborators as it can find that can bring mutual benefit to a release. Though pretty well established in their state already, having more whiskey in retail outlets with your name on it can’t hurt either. Of late the distilling team there has produced three bottlings that have others’ names on them also, including a well known chef, a popular grocery store chain and a regional brewery.

For the chef collaboration, Tattersall teamed with Chef Justin Sutherland, best known for competing on Bravo’s Top Chef Season 16, on a straight single malt whiskey. Sutherland apparently wanted to create a locally made spirit that he could enjoy, and share with fellow whiskey enthusiasts, as well as serve at his restaurants. Working with Tattersall head distiller, Bentley Gilman, and founder, Jon Kreidler, the three selected a blend of three different straight, single malt whiskeys, distilled and aged for over two years in Minnesota white oak barrels.

The individual single malts consisted of mesquite-smoked (60%), applewood-smoked (30%) and chocolate-malted (10%) straight barley whiskeys. The mash bill for the individual whiskeys consists of ~90% malted barley and ~10% smoked malt. Blended to Sutherland’s specifications, the whiskey is a 110 proof single malt with sweet notes from the apple, a dry, smokey earthiness from the mesquite, reminiscent of classic BBQ and finished with chocolate undertones that really round out the spirit.

Tattersall Straight Wheat Whiskey

Tattersall Straight Wheat Whiskey (image via Tattersall Distilling)

The first spirit in what Tattersall is calling its new “Signature Series” collection that focus upon collaborations between the distillery and notable artists and artisans, this whiskey is pricing around $50 per 750 ml bottle. Joining it on local retail shelves in Minnesota is the Tattersall Straight Wheat Whiskey, this time done in conjunction with Lunds & Byerlys, a local grocery store chain with adjacent wine and spirits shops. This expression, of which only two barrels have been produced, is made from 100% Minnesota wheat and aged for over two years in charred Minnesota white oak barrels. It is bottled at 90 proof and prices around $50 as well.

Rounding out the trio of recent releases is a collaborative effort with regional brewery Indeed Brewing on something called NE Whiskey. It is a straight malt whiskey made from a unique mash bill of two different types of malted barley, rye and oats. It was mashed and fermented at Indeed, and then distilled and aged for over two and a half years at Tattersall.


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