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Massachusetts Distillery Three Month Single Malt A Smoked Affair

10299957_641942542550849_3032847359369881128_nNormally American whiskey aged just three months in barrel doesn’t grab my attention for a write up as I consider it just too young. Damnation Alley Distillery in Massachusetts, however, has just announced a limited edition single malt in this age range that’s smoked, which I find interesting, plus it happens to have a rather steep price tag for such a newborn offering.

The Damnation Alley 3 Month Aged Smoked Single Malt, according to the distillery, will go on sale exclusively on site this Friday at its Belmont, Mass. location. It was laid down for the short period of time in a five gallon American oak barrel after being made from cherry wood smoked barley from a nearby “micro-malthouse.”

The distillery’s team told me this bottling will be available in both 375 ml and 1 liter releases for $40 and $100, respectively. Though it is a bit high of a price for such a whiskey, as with its other limited releases one should expect this new Damnation Alley spirit will sell out quickly. As for tasting notes, one should anticipate “a subtle early smoke with strong nutty toffee notes and a slight mace finish.”


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