Louisana’s Atelier Vie Adds A Single Malt Whiskey

The Atelier Vie distillery in New Orleans, Louisiana, is one of that state’s oldest distilleries, having been founded by one Jedd Haas back in 2011. Atelier Vie’s whiskey releases to date have been extremely limited, with just one really of note back from 2014. That has changed now though with the debut of a new single malt expression.

The new Atelier Vie Louisiana Single Malt, according to those behind it, is a 100 percent malted barley mash bill that was distilled during a single distilling season at the distillery. It was then aged in second use oak barrels that are five gallon in size for a period of one year and four months before being bottled at 47% ABV, or 94 proof.

Atelier Vie Louisiana Single Malt

Atelier Vie Louisiana Single Malt (image via Atelier Vie)

“One of the interesting things about malted barley, compared to other grains typically used for whiskey, is that there is a tremendous variety available,” said Haas in a prepared statement. “This variety includes numerous types of malt which have been dried, toasted, smoked, and given other treatments to create different flavors. Louisiana Single Malt incorporates several of these different malts, which creates the complex flavor of the whiskey. Atelier Vie is proud to distill the first single malt whiskey in Louisiana and this new release is a great continuation of our Louisiana whiskey tradition.”

As it stands now plans call for this whiskey to price around $75. It will be available in limited quantities both at the distillery and also through Atelier Vie’s distributor. There are more planned releases of it in the future as well.

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