Lost Spirits Distillery Readies Three New Peated American Single Malt Whiskies

lsumamiAmong makers of American single malt whiskies one I consider a true innovator in this space is California-based Lost Spirits. A cult like atomsphere exists among followers of this distillery, with the limited releases it puts out often being snapped up relatively quickly. It now has three new offerings set to come to market that promise to carry forward well its tradition of peated releases.

Now details on these new whiskies are a little scarce at the moment, as Lost Spirits only put out minimal details for them in a recent newsletter. I’ve summarized them below based upon what’s being talked about at this point. One of them is already on sale in California, and the other two will likely follow to market in short order.

Lost Spirits Seascape II – a 65% ABV, 750 ml bottling that’s being distributed at this moment in a total of just 22 cases. It was peated with Canadian peat to 55 ppm and fermented with Pacific Ocean salt water brine. Matured in neutral French oak (white wine cask) and finished in American oak (rum cask), it is pricing for around $45 a bottle here. Tasting notes from the retailer selling it indicate “burnt leaves, resinous smoke, scorched earth, and hints of baking spice overwhelm the palate like a tidal wave.”

Lost Spirits Umami – Another peat release, this one is higher up the peated scale at 100+ ppm and makes use of Scottish peat smoked barley (which may have some type of tie to Canada like Seascape II). Bottled at 59% ABV, it was matured in sherry seasoned French oak and fermented in Pacific Ocean brine.

Lost Spirits Leviathan III – This guy is still a little bit on the works, but at the time of this blog posting information available indicated it heralds from evergreen forest peat and was matured in sherry seasoned French oak like the Umami.