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Koval Mikkeller Single Barrel Whiskey Does the Oat Thing

Koval Mikkeller Single Barrel WhiskeyChicago-based craft distillery Koval, known for its use of alternative grains in its whiskies, is debuting a new collaborative expression inspired by Mikkeller, the internationally acclaimed “nomad” micro-brewery founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new release is made with a mash bill that mimics the grain bill from the beer that put Mikkeller on the map. It is the first of three such planned releases from different partners, which will debut throughout the year.

The whiskey in question, known as the Koval Mikkeller Single Barrel Whiskey, draws inspiration for its mash bill from Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast, an oatmeal stout made with French press coffee. According to a statement from Robert Birnecker, CEO and Master Distiller at Koval, “it was reminiscent of our oat whiskey, and we thought the addition of chocolate malt would both reflect their beer mash bill and add new depth to one of our most unique whiskeys.”

“The goal was to bring together the craft movement across areas of interests; a collaboration between one of the most innovative and quality-oriented craft breweries and one of the most innovative and quality oriented craft distilleries,” added Tore Gynther, previously of Mikkeller and now of Øl Brewery.

The result is a whiskey that uses “the same grain-to-bottle distillation and aging process as each Koval whiskey but consists of a new mash bill and use of chocolate malt.” It has been bottled at 40% ABV, or 80 proof, and comes in a 375 ml bottle.

Should you want to hunt down a bottle of this limited release whiskey, expect to pay at least $40.


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